VCMRF Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation

Reflective Parenting Intervention Program is a social intervention and individual training program to teach mothers and family members how to engage in effective nurturing, that has a profound influence on the future physical, mental health, attachments and relationship of the child.


VCMRF partnered with Yale to send nurses to Yale’s program to learn how to provide a home-visitation program to at-risk mothers who do not know how to communicate with their babies.  According to the nurses, the program has showed that mother-child interactions resulted in positive outcomes and that the mothers were learning how to have a secure attachment with their babies.  The solution is that securely attached children go on to become confident and productive adults, while the insecurely attached are more likely to develop significant personality problems and to perform poorly in life.  Also mothers that are involved have had ten-fold reduction in the turnaround pregnancy rate.  This program was developed by a collaboration of experts and board members from California Lutheran University, Ventura County Behavioral Health, Ventura County Public Health, and Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation.